North Coast: Hip Hop Improv Comedy


“This absurdly talented, hip-hop­–obsessed improv troupe shows off both its comedy and freestyle skills in a show that feels more like a party. If its fully improvised “hip-hopera” doesn’t do it for you, its sheer energy will.” - Time Out NY, 2015

North Coast is a “Hidden Gem.” Interview and Video w/ NY City News Service

"North Coast: Hip hop, improv and pushing for diversity in comedy" Check out this video and article spotlighting North Coast's commitment to, and challenges surrounding, diversity in comedy and specifically, Hip Hop Improv. [read more]

Front Row Center’s Donna Herman Gives a Great Review for Anybody at The Connelly Theater!

"Their voices were excellent, and they harmonized seamlessly on the fly. It’s clearly a group that’s worked together for a long time and trusts each other. The talent on stage is off the chain. There was a packed audience who loved every minute. " [read more]


The Portland Mercury Wow’d by North Coast in Oregon

"North Coast was up next and OH MY GOD... I have a feeling that North Coast is either really popular (and I just don’t know about it because I live really far from New York) or they are about to blow the f*ck up soon. " [read more]

Splitsider talks to North Coast about the Musical Comedy Boom

"Widick and North Coast task themselves with building entire hip-hop songs and scenes based off a single word suggestion from an audience member... Even though the rotating cast of ten view themselves as comedians first, music is the glue that keeps their comedic appeal and jokes intact." [read more]

Freestyle Lessons with Shannon Coffey on VH1’s The 20

North Coast had a great time visiting VH1! We spent some time with Shannon Coffey, host of VH1's weekly music countdown show, The 20, to teach her how to freestyle! We were featured in 3 different segments. [read more and watch the video]

Time Out NY’s 10 BEST Comedy Shows of 2014

North Coast is the only improv show listed in Time Out NY’s 10 BEST Comedy Shows of 2014, alongside incredible talent like Joan Rivers, Tig Notaro, Craig Robinson and more! [read more]

Douglas Widick Interview with Time Out NY

"For those who like their rhymes as solid as their punch lines, North Coast are a dream combo—every show, the group creates hilarious on-the-spot raps that all link together into a larger (normally awesomely bizarre) story. Originally scheduled to perform at The PIT, one of the best comedy theaters in New York for just two months, the group have been such a hit that their run has now been extended through till the end of March. We caught up with co-founder Doug Widick…" [read more]

Interview in The Village Voice

"There seems to be a lot of parallels between the worlds of freestyle rapping and improv comedy, so it shouldn’t be that surprising that hip-hop improv troupe North Coast is thriving... We spoke to two of the group’s founding members, James T. Robilotta and Douglas Widick, about bringing freestyle rhymes into the realm of improv and how they’ve kept their style so fresh." [read more]

The Slate’s Gist Podcast with Mike Pesca

North Coast had the honor of joining Mike Pesca (NPR, Slate) in one of his first episodes of Slate Podcast, The Gist! We teach him how to freestyle so he can, of course, become a better radio host. [listen]

MTV’s Made

North Coast appeared in an episode of MTV's Made - where we got to teach young aspiring comedians a little bit about what we do.

Vancouver International Improv Fest

North Coast Voted "Best of the Fest" for the Vancouver International Improv Fest 2014 (tied)

INNY Awards: Nominated for “Best in Musical Improv”

North Coast is nominated for a "Best in Musical Improv Comedy" award in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Herald Tribune (Sarasota, FL)

The Herald Tribune had some nice things to say after a great show at the Sarasota Improv Festival. [read more]

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Portland Mercury (Portland, OR)

The Portland Mercury was pleasantly surprised by how much fun they had at our show at the Stumptown Improv Festival. [read more]
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