North Coast: Hip Hop Improv Comedy

North Coast Classes

For over 8 years, North Coast has pioneered the long-form hip hop improv comedy art form. And now, they are sharing what they've learned with all of you. From musical improv basics to freestyling to beatboxing to honing in on the game of your scene, these classes have got you covered. Be prepared to have an enormous amount of fun while raising the bar on all aspects of your long-form improvisation.

Class listings include:

  • Hip Hop Improv Workshops

  • Beatboxing

  • Intro to Hip Hop Improv (8 Weeks)

  • Intermediate Hip Hop Improv (8 Weeks)

  • Advanced Hip Hop Improv (8 Weeks)

  • Drop-In Practice Sessions

  • Hip Hop Workshops for Musical Improvisers

Now Open for Registration:

Intro to Hip-Hop Improv (8 Week Class)

Wednesdays 7-10pm, starting April 26th
Taught by: Rachel Rosenthal

Intermediate Hip-Hop Improv Class (8 Weeks)

Tuesdays 7-10pm, starting May 9th
Taught by: Douglas Widick