North Coast: Hip Hop Improv Comedy

ANYBODY: The Historical Improvised Hip Hop’era

“North Coast’s ‘Anybody’ will so thoroughly entertain you for an hour that you’ll forget you don’t have the means, connections of overall wherewithal to get tickets to 'Hamilton.’” - Mike Pesca (NPR, Slate)

You’ve seen them drop beats, bars, and bomb ass hooks – but now - North Coast is dropping knowledge. History knowledge.

North Coast, New York City’s premier hip-hop improv team, has long been known for their seamless melding of freestyle rapping and long form improv comedy. But in the heat of Lin Manuel’s smash Broadway hit Hamilton, people have been going f****** bonkers for historical raps. We hear you loud and clear.

Join North Coast at the PIT for this very special performance as the team takes your favorite historical figure and performs a full, factually-accurate improv set to satisfy your hunger for hip-hop history. Nikola Tesla? Bawse. Ida B. Wells? Flawless. Louisa May Alcott? Mic drop.

Do not miss the Limited Run of this very special show.  Early 2017 at the PIT. 

Stand on the right side of history and buy your tickets today